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Water treatment

For an effective water purification system in Wentzville, MO

Water purity is essential to great health
At Holmes Water Treatment, we'll provide you with a water purification system that will ensure the better health of your family or employees!
During the initial consultation, we'll analyze the source of the water you're receiving in Wentzville, MO. Based on the results we find, we'll create a water purification system that will ensure the best possible drinking water for everyone within your home or business.
Water, as they say, is the start of life! Why take chances on the purity of the water you're providing? Contact Holmes Water Treatment in Wentzville, and rest easy that you're receiving the best?
bottled water from water purification system in Wentzville, MO

Benefits of Water Treatment

  • Better taste 
  • Better for your health 
  • Better for digestion     
  • No more soap scum 
  • No scale build-up in piping & shower nozzles 
  • Cuts laundry & dish soap usage 
  • Produces clean sparkling dishes 
  • Extends the life of your water heater 
  • Reduces water heater costs 
  • and more!

Filtration is key

An effective water purification system is the key to ensuring that the water you're passing on to your family, friends, or employees or customers is of a high standard. Our Wentzville based team is passionate about the quality of the water purification systems we service and install. For the best water purification system for you and your needs, let us provide consultation services to you. You'll rest better knowing you're in the best hands in the Wentzville area.

For better health

Clean water is essential to a better quality of life. It's a fact! The team at Holmes Water Treatment has a water purification system that will incorporate into your current water supply system in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The specialists at Holmes Water Treatment are intimately familiar with the water quality in the Wentzville area, and know the best possible solutions to provide the best in water purification systems for you. Call us for an expert consultation today!

Environmental impact matters

The water purification system you choose should incorporate a number of important factors:
  • The health of those who consume your water 
  • The quality of the water that runs through your pipes 
  • The impact on the environment of your waste water
The environmental impact of a water purification system is a factor that should be considered when choosing a water purification system. Contact the Wentzville experts in water purification. We mean business when it comes to clean, purified water solutions!
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